Father's dying wish granted as he watches all 3 daughters get 'married'

Akhil Jhaveri's three daughters dance at their mock wedding Monday, July 30, 2018, in Ridgefield, Wash. He has been given less than a week to live. (KATU)

RIDGEFIELD, Wash. (KATU) - A father battling ALS had one wish before he died; he wanted to see his three daughters get married.

Akhil Jhaveri's family isn't sure he has enough time left on this earth to see each of his daughters walk down the aisle.

"We don't really know (how long he has), but they're saying it's any day," said Corinne Jhaveri.

A family friend had an idea that didn't require a groom. They would hold a mock wedding and have Akhil Jhaveri walk each of his daughters down the aisle.

On Monday, with less than a week to plan everything, the wedding was held at Vintage Gardens, a wedding venue in Ridgefield, Washington. The location, flowers, music and gowns were all donated by people in the community.

As the sun set across a grassy field, each Jhaveri daughter walked down the aisle with a bouquet and in a white wedding dress and veil with their father.

The event felt like a wedding. Each of the Jhaveri daughters were smiling along with their mother, Laura Jhaveri.

In the audience, family and friends shed tears.

"We've had a lot of time to process the fact that he is going to pass away, and that it's going to be hard," said Jordan Jhaveri.

Akhil Jhaveri has been battling ALS for seven years. He's unable to talk or move on his own.

"It's been difficult to see my dad, who I remember as this vibrant, hilarious human, sleeping as we go down the aisle together," Ashley Jhaveri said, laughing.

The three girls said they were thankful for the wedding and a chance to celebrate together as a family.

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