'Expect it to be a rough winter': ODOT warns of a icy, rainy winter

A rerun of last winter? That's what ODOT is reporting. Photo by Ellen Meny.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore.- Last year's water and winter wonderland may make a not-so-welcome return.

The Oregon Department of Transportation consults several different organizations every year to determine what the winter weather will look like, and how they should prepare. Some of the organizations include the National Weather Service and private forecasting companies.

"And all of them are saying to expect it to be a rough winter," Angela Beers-Seydel with the Oregon Department of Transportation. "We're anticipating that we're going to have a winter that's very similar to last year. We're expecting it's going to be rough out there."

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Beers-Seydel says to expect landslides and potential ice events, similar to the ice storms we saw last winter.

"Our expectation is we're going to need similar staffing, similar resources," Beers-Seydel said.

And while ODOT is getting ready by boosting their staff and making plans in the event of a big storm, Beers-Seydel says drivers should get ready, too.

She recommends packing an extra coat and extra boots in the car, along with food and water, in case drivers get stuck on the roads. Beers-Seydel says installing winter tires is another way to get ready.

Danny Roseberry with Discount Tires agrees.

"When the first ice and snow hit, it's going to remind people how bad their tires really are," Roseberry said.

Roseberry says there are a few different options for winter tires- traditional studded tires, stud-less tires and all-terrain tires.

As for chains, there are the standard chains- and then newer options, like cable chains and even a nylon cover for a car's wheels.

"We do cable chain, that seems to be very popular," Roseberry. "They're not as hard to put on as chain-chains."

Ice and snow may seem months away with this fall's temperate weather, but both Beers-Seydel and Roseberry warn that being prepared is better than being stuck in a potentially dangerous situation.

"Definitely prepare ahead of time and be proactive about it. Because you're definitely want to take care of those needs before you get into that situation," Roseberry said.

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