EWEB: Squirrel causes power outage in south Eugene

(MGN Online image)

EUGENE, Ore. – Households and businesses in south Eugene lost power for a few hours Sunday morning due to a squirrel, Eugene Water & Electric Board said.

According to EWEB spokesperson Joe Harwood, the outage started at 6:45 a.m. and was restored at 9:14. The outage occurred at EWEB’s Dillard sub stations.

Harwood said a squirrel caused the outage when its tail touched a second phase power line.

Unfortunately, Harwood said the squirrel did not survive the incident. He said EWEB sees about four or five dozen squirrel incidents a year.

He said there was also a second outage Sunday at the Willakenzie substation. That outage started at 9 a.m. He said that was caused by a transformer issue.

Sheldon Park Assisted Living Facility was one of the places that went dark for about two hours.

“I was working on my computer and then when the power went out everybody gathers a t the front desk and we have procedures. We got flashlights and checked on the residents,” said Liz Bruehl, receptionist at Sheldon Park.

Utility spokesman Joe Harwood didn't have information on how many customers lost electric service.

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