Eugene woman subjected to credit card fraud, loses thousands of dollars

Eugene woman has thousands of dollars stolen in credit card fraud

EUGENE, Ore. - A Eugene woman, who only wants to be identified as "Debra" was a victim of credit card fraud.

Debra says she was defrauded of over $10,000 when the thief used it at local stores. But the person who stole the credit card remains at large.

We called the Northwest Grocery Association today, and they said every retailer has their own policy on what requires a photo ID and what does not.

It all started at the Albertson's on Coburg Road when she noticed her wallet was missing. The store didn't have it, and then she knew it was stolen.

That was two months ago. Today, she wants people to prevent this nightmare from happening to them.

"Now, I've never even heard of the gift card scam. I was like what?” said Debra. “I've never even purchased a gift card in my life."

Debra says surveillance video from Albertson's shows it wasn't just one person. In fact, it was a group of 3 people purchasing gift cards with her credit card.

She says in two minutes, in three transactions and with the same grocery clerk, they were able to rack up $3,000.

But Albertson's wasn't the only store they hit up.

At the Valley River Center, they spent another $3,000 in 2 minutes.

They went to an office supply store where they spent over $2,000.

Then they went back to the Valley River Center where they were finally declined at a gaming store.

“It's so difficult for them to track down all this video surveillance and talk to all these witnesses,” said Debra. “You have to do the work yourself and be a personal citizen and try to assist.”

Debra's credit card company was able to credit her account and give her a new one.

She says her credit is now frozen and wants to keep it that way.

Debra says she now wears a purse that remains strapped around her at all times when she's out.

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