Eugene School District, teachers’ association reach tentative contract agreement

FILE - Eugene 4J School District (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Members of the bargaining teams of Eugene School District 4J and the Eugene Education Association have reached a tentative agreement on the final issues under negotiation for a new contract, the district said Tuesday night.

The union represents 4J’s teachers and licensed specialists such as counselors, nurses and librarians.

"The bargaining teams met to exchange and discuss proposals numerous times from May through November 2017, making progress over time, until all issues were resolved," the district said.

Important contract provisions that have been tentatively agreed to include:

• Continuing competitive compensation with salary increases for every teacher every year:

- 2.1% COLA (cost of living increase) in 2017–18

- 1.8% COLA in 2018–19

- 2.0% COLA in 2019–20

• Maintaining district contribution to employees’ health insurance

• Providing elementary teachers more preparation time during the school day

Before the agreement becomes final it must be ratified by the teacher association’s membership and approved by the Eugene School Board.

After a tentative agreement is reached, the next step is for the union leadership to vote on whether to approve the terms and recommend that teachers ratify the agreement.

If the union leadership recommends it, teachers and other represented licensed staff will meet to hear the terms of the tentative agreement and vote on ratification.

If teachers ratify the agreement, the Eugene School Board will then vote on approval of the agreement at an upcoming board meeting.

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