Eugene Mission hard at work prepping annual Thanksgiving feast

(KVAL image)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Thanksgiving is just two days away and lots of people are already getting ready for the holiday.

The Eugene Mission is no exception, except they have a few more people to take care of than the average family.

You may think eight people is a big group to cook Thanksgiving dinner for, but how about 1,000?

The mission is prepping for their annual Thanksgiving Feast, and they expect a lot of people.

For breakfast, they expect 400-500 folks to attend and another 500 for dinner.

Eugene Mission chefs and members of their Life Change Program will cook 90 to 100 birds along with gravy, 400-500 pounds of potatoes, cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce.

As for the pies, the mission gets them from Mohawk churches and they bring 100-plus pies for the masses on thanksgiving.

As for breakfast, bacon, eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy are on the menu.

They will be working throughout the day Tuesday to make sure lots of hungry people get food.

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