Eugene Emeralds raise money for Puerto Rico relief

Eugene Emeralds. Photo courtesy Eugene Emeralds

EUGENE, Ore.- More than two months later, Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria. For Eugene Emeralds manager and Puerto Rican Jesus Feliciano, that hits close to home.

That's why Feliciano is spending the baseball offseason raising money for Puerto Rico. The Eugene Emeralds are helping him in his effort.

Feliciano is trying to raise 20,000 dollars to help provide food, water and basic supplies to Puerto Rican people in need.

"It's not just for my family, it's for our people, and the thing is, that, it's our duty to do everything we can to help," Feliciano said.

The Eugene Emeralds are helping him raise 5,000 dollars of that $20,000 goal, and they're asking fans to help. The Emeralds say anyone who gives $25 or more will receive a special edition Top Prospect calendar.

They have a You Caring page set up for donations.

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