Eugene Civic Alliance reveals new plans for Civic Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. - There's a new development in the future plans for the remains of Civic Stadium. The Eugene Civic Alliance opened the site to the public Sunday for the first time since the fire.

At the community event, the group displayed the preliminary site plan for the civic stadium area. They revealed plans for a new stadium with space for a park and a plaza area.

Eugene Civic Alliance Director Nancy Webber said it's a rebirth after the devastating fire that destroyed the structure this summer.

"It is a great center for kids and sports. And to me, the most important thing that's come out of this is how the community has come together not only because of the fire, but because of the need and I think that's an important step for us," Webber said.

There are plans for a "multi-use path," which will run from Willamette Street to Amazon Parkway that bikers could use.

The Eugene Civic Alliance also announced a $300,000 donation from Friends of Civic Stadium.

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