Eugene City Council looks to assemble task force for city hall plans

Eugene City Councilors met Monday night to discuss the location and cost of the new city hall. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. – It’s back to the drawing board for city and county leaders in Eugene. They met under a time crunch Monday night, working toward a resolution over a plan for a new city hall and county courthouse.

A new city hall will cost $28 million.

The deadline to accept or deny that bid is Monday, July 25.

Councilors voted against the bid seven to one Monday night, leaving every option on the table except proceeding with current bids on time.

“We're easily approaching to do this task force. I think it's irresponsible to add more costs and more uncertainty to the new city hall project. I support a task force but it should be around phase two and not phase one,” said Alan Zelenka, Eugene City Councilor.

The city council will meet on July 25 to create that task force.

They will explore additional location options and costs for the new city hall and courthouse. That includes the possible land swap.

It would put city hall on the county-owned butterfly lot and allow the courthouse to go on the city lot.

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