Eugene cannabis shop sports 'best tasting marijuana,' says High Times Magazine

High Times Magazine (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- The best tasting marijuana on earth according to High Times Magazine is closer than you think.

The magazine says it's grown by local Eugene cannabis shop TJ's Organic Provisions.

High Times, a monthly cannabis magazine that's been in print since the 1970s, released its list of 'Best Tasting Buds on Earth' at the end of February.

At the top of the list was a strain called 'Durban Poison,' grown by TJ's Organic Gardens.

TJ's flagship store is in Eugene with growing gardens in both Oregon and Washington.

"When we grow, we are very much going for that. That's exactly how we grow. We aren't searching for the highest THC; we're looking for the best flavor, something that's actually enjoyable to consume," says TJ's Organic Provisions co-president Jimmy Murphy.

Murphy says the flavor of different strains depends on what's called terpanoids.

He says while some strains of marijuana bud taste and smell differently, Durban Poison has a strong flavor to match its scent.

The award winning strain is available at TJ's in west Eugene.

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