Elementary Schools showcase programs to parents for school choice

Edison Elementary School students delivered handmade cards to patients at RiverBend Hospital. (SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. - January is School Choice Month in the Eugene 4J District, and families had a chance on Saturday to check out the options for their kids.

When looking at the numerous elementary schools to choose from, each has its own specialty, giving parents a need to learn more about the programs.

"Learning more about the class size that each kindergarten has, and the type of support that the teachers would have in the classroom," said Garian Cika, a parent in the area.

For others, the type of curriculum is a major factor.

"To have the dance, the music, the different language, the culture," said Sierra Fletcher. "A lot of schools are so driven on trying to get the test scores nowadays, so there's a lot less arts going on in education now."

The showcase gave parents a chance to speak with every 4J elementary school, and learn about the school choice process all in one place.

"Knowing that there's more non-traditional schools, having all the schools in one place and not spending all this time going around," said Nicole Wilks. "It's really cool to have like a meet and greet. And it's for him too when you're nervous."

Now with all of the information they need, the parents can make an educated decision in which path to pick for their child.

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