Egan Warming Center in Springfield looks for a new location

    The Egan Warming Centers are open in Eugene/Springfield - and in need of volunteers. (SBG)

    SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Egan Warming Center is looking for a new spot under increasing pressure from the cold weather.

    It was a frigid thirty degrees Friday morning as the sun rose over Ebbert Memorial Methodist Church, for Shelley Corteville, it's a chilling reminder of a looming deadline.

    Worrisome, because next week would've been the tenth year this church would be the only Springfield location to open it's doors to the homeless when the weather drops below freezing at night.

    "We save lives on those nights. We literally save lives," said Corteville.

    Now Corteville says those lives are in danger. The part of the church that housed the homeless wasn't up to fire safety standards, so this week, they're looking for a new spot.

    Hearing the concerns, The city of Springfield is stepping in.

    "Because it is getting colder, and because we want to do the right thing for the community,” said Niel Laudati. “and what that right thing at the very least really working to see what they could find."

    With the city and Egan Warming Center on the case, Corteville is hopeful, perhaps out of necessity.

    "I just have to believe Springfield will step up with the site. I just have to believe that."

    As of 5 pm on Friday, Laudati and Corteville have both confirmed that they have likely found a temporary site for next week, but they cant yet say where it is.

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