Dream Catchers Program at Agnes Stewart gives students a piece of the real world

Dream Catchers Program at Agnes Stewart gives students a piece of the real world (SBG).

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Students at Agnes Stewart Middle School are adding real work experience to their resume while being in class.

These baristas are hard at work, filling their coffee order for credit, instead of money.

Jasmine Gonzalez, an 8th grade barista traded in her notebook for an espresso machine, just like hundreds of other students taking part in the Dream Cather Program at Agnes Middle School.

"They are here to help and support, to learn a skill and learn how to do a job and become more responsible," said Judy Zeleny, a teacher for the Dream Catcher Program. "They take ownership of what they're doing."

The Dream Catcher program gives students an opportunity to step outside of the classroom and dabble in something that might peak their interest.

"This one seemed to be the most appealing to me because I got to do a lot of things around the school, so I got to learn different parts about the school I might have not even been to," said Kailyn Loper, an assistant at Agnes Stewart.

As the program coordinator, Zeleny oversees hundreds of kids who go through the program each year. She says this prepares them for the real world and the next transition in their life.

"I see the growth," said Zeleny. "A lot of them coming in not knowing how to do something and watch them blossom as they learn new skills -- learn how to do a job that they didn't know how to do previously."

From coffee grounds to finding their grounding in life, it's a foundation of skills they'll continue to build on in the future.

Zeleny tells us this program is unique to Agnes Stewart Middle School, and they will continue to prepare their students for the future.

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