Dogs rescued from South Korean dog meat market look for loving homes

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EUGENE, Ore. - Life started as a nightmare for two dogs in Lane County. Rescuers say Sadie and Darin were part of the South Korean dog meat market. An animal rights activist group rescued the two dogs and they moved to Eugene with two dedicated dog lovers who are looking to find them a home.

"I consider these dogs the spokesdogs for their cause," said Jason Way, Be Loved Dog Rescue volunteer. "They're the first ones that START has helped to bring from Korea to the United States, so they're really ambassadors for this cause."

Less than two weeks ago, Sadie and Darin were in South Korea. Sadie was used for breeding and saw her own puppies mistreated.

"So witnessing that, hearing that, experiencing that, definitely, it makes it an upward battle to teach her to trust us," said Jeremy Deguc, Be Loved Dog Rescue founder.

Darin lived in inhuman conditions in the back of a barbeque restaurant.

"They are literally tortured, and I can't even get into the details of what they go through," Deguc said.

But after animal rights activist Nami Kim save them, they were flown to Los Angeles by an animal rescue group called "START." Darin and Sadie took a trip to Eugene with Jeremy Deguc and Jason Way of Be Loved Dog Rescue. Now, they're looking for homes.

"All they need is love. The only training they need is socialization," Way said.

Jeremy says both dogs have some emotional challenges, but they're not aggressive. They just need patient and calm owners who can help them trust humans again.

"Darin is a really wonderful pup. She is playful," Way said. "Said is also very very sweet. She's a meed soul."

After spending most of their lives trapped, mistreated, and unloved, Sadie and Darin are looking for a warm home and a kind heart.

These two show the resilience of the nature of a dog. What they've been through." Deguc said.

If you're interested in adopting Darin or Sadie, contact Be Loved Rescue at You can also visit them on Facebook.

You can also donate to future rescued dogs by visiting

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