'Do not use them to view the eclipse': Dutch Bros recalls solar eclipse glasses

(Facebook/Dutch Bros Coffee)

EUGENE, Ore. (KVAL) - Coffee chain Dutch Bros Coffee is recalling all of the solar eclipse glasses it handed out Sunday as part of a last-minute promotion.

Customers received a free pair of Dutch Bros eclipse glasses and a sticker after purchasing any large drink.

After some customers believed the glasses weren't certified, concerns began circulating online. The company posted on Facebook, saying there was a mistake in its design process when printing the ISO number.

The company claimed the glasses were certified - the only error was a printing error. It also posted its safety test results online.

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However, later in the day, Dutch Bros Coffee posted a statement on Facebook issuing a full voluntary recall of the eclipse glasses. The Facebook post reads:

"Valued customers: Today Dutch Bros Coffee handed out eclipse glasses at many of our stands. We are now issuing a full voluntary recall of these glasses. We purchased these glasses after receiving certification of ISO compliance from the manufacturer. Further investigation has led us to question this certification. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, so we are issuing this voluntary recall.
"If you received a pair of these glasses, DO NOT USE THEM TO VIEW THE ECLIPSE. Please return these glasses to the Dutch Bros Coffee location where you received them for a FREE DRINK of your choice--any drink, any size. We apologize for your inconvenience."

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