Discussions of a homeless shelter on Highway 99 gain momentum

    Discussions of a homeless camp on Highway 99 gain momentum

    EUGENE, Ore. - The Lane County Commissioners discussed the future of the homeless shelter on Highway 99 on Tuesday.

    Camp 99 was originally an emergency camp to find an alternate space for the homeless, who were camping at the butterfly lot in Downtown Eugene.

    "We're actively evaluating the feasibility of this site, for a future public shelter because we know that's a need," said Steve Mokrohisky, the Lane County Administrator.

    The county gained ownership of these two nearby foreclosed buildings, and they hope they can be incorporated into a permanent shelter with help from the city of Eugene.

    "So the city has set aside some resources for that,” said Mokrohisky. “We already own the property, so it seems as though we've checked a couple of boxes.”

    And with a permanent site potentially on the horizon, county commissioners are aware that the location along Highway 99 is ideal because of the many services nearby. But they're also aware it's adding another service to the area.

    "It is once again burdening the Bethel/Danebo neighborhood,” said Pat Farr, the District 4 Commissioner.

    But a permanent shelter is a long ways away. However, next month some changes to the site will be made.

    "Folks will see the current Camp 99 transition to a dusk to dawn site managed by st. Vincent De Paul," said Devon Ashbridge, the Lane County Spokesperson.

    Currently, the site is not actively managed, causing issues with neighboring businesses.

    The city and county will be holding a joint meeting on January 22 to review a report on this project and will be making decisions from there.

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