Demand for Oregon timber continues to rise

The Oregon timber industry hopes President Donald Trump will deliver on his promise to bring back jobs in logging. (SBG photo)

OREGON - The Oregon timber industry is continuing to see an increase in demand for their products, and experts say that the steady increase is thanks to construction for new homes across the country.

The housing market has fluctuated over the years, affecting one local commodity found everywhere: Timber.

Jon Anderson, president of Eugene-based trade publication, Random Lengths, tracks the market activity for timber products in North America. Anderson says construction of new homes across the country is back at a steady rate since the housing bubble burst in 2008.

"That recovery, along with some other things, have resulted in some very strong prices in market activity in market place for saw wood products.

That includes an increase in home repairs and remodeling too. Senaca Saw Mill's Chief Financial Officer says the company has seen a rise in demand for their products since the recession.

"Last five years it's been strong, steady," said Brian Carlin. "We are seeing good demand out there, and that's continuing."

But Carlin says that while it's encouraging, there's a long way still to go for the industry.

"I do think the housing market is strong, I think there is still some head winds and some limiters right now that are presenting it from growing it at an even faster rate," said Carlin.

According to Forest Product experts, lumber prices are increasing, due to multiple factors including demand.

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