Damage from December ice storm keeps crews busy - two months later

EUGENE, Ore. -- Nearly two months later and cleanup continues from December's ice storm.

"They've been working nonstop essentially now for 6-7 weeks at this point," Eugene Public Works spokesperson Brian Richardson said.

Almost everywhere, there are still trees on the ground, trucks in the road, and crews working away.

But Eugene Public Works has turned the corner -- more roads are cleaned up now than not.

"We've already been able to clear hazards from about 1,800 trees throughout the city. Still have about 1,000 more hazards that we know about at this point, but crews continue to do a lot of good work," Richardson said.

They've already collected 8,700 cubic yards of storm debris.

That's enough to fill 244 school buses or an entire football field four feet high.

Eugene saw more than $1 million in damage, whereas Springfield saw closer to $100,000.

To soften the blow, Lane County was granted disaster relief funds, but Richardson said they won't see those for a few months and aren't done applying.

"Eugene Public Works needs to send an application to FEMA about the damage and the recovery process and the costs related to that as well," he said.

Meanwhile, the work continues.

"You're talking in the rights of ways so along the streets and we still have a lot of hazards inside parks and inside our trail systems as well," Richardson said.

He said you never know when Mother Nature might strike again.

You can see where crews are cleaning at any given time, here.

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