'Closing an underperforming store is always a tough decision'

The Safeway store at 54th Main streets in east Springfield will close February 24. (SBG)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - The Safeway store at 54th Main streets in east Springfield will close February 24.

"Safeway Portland Division announced this week that it plans to close one store – Store 3332, located at 5415 Main Street in Springfield, OR," Jill McGinnis, Director of Communications & Public Affairs, said in a statement Monday.

The store is expected to close by February 24th, 2018. Like all retailers, we are constantly evaluating the performance of our stores. Closing an underperforming store is always a tough decision, but we are focused on growing our business by being the favorite local supermarket, and running great stores where people love to shop. That’s what will enable us to offer the products and services our customers value most in this market.
Our human resource department is working diligently with the affected employees and labor unions, where applicable, to attempt to find all employees other work consistent with the applicable law and/or labor agreement.

"It's where we usually shopped. It's kind of sad," said Robin Donner. "It's business, I guess. I mean, that's just what it amounts to. If they're losing money, they can't keep it going. But you know it's just unfortunate."

The store is a quarter of a mile away from another grocery store, Albertsons. Safeway and Albertsons merged in 2015.

"It's not terrific that it's closing, because it's a good resource for the community," said Beverlee Potter with Food for Lane County, "but luckily there is something close by."

The closure affects Food for Lane County, too, Potter said.

That Safeway store alone donates 3,000 pounds of food per month.

"But it was a smaller store, so given that we distribute 8 million pounds, it's still signifgant, but it's a small number," Potter said.

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