City of Eugene gets painted by artist known around the world

Franco Fasoli painting his mural on July 30th, 2017. in Downtown Eugene. (SBG/Clara Benitez)

Eugene, Ore. -- Seven artists from all over the world are in Eugene to paint murals around the city.

The plan is to finish 20 murals by the 2021 IAAF world championships.

The artists continued their work Sunday around the city to create a unique piece of artwork.

Some artists will be creating multiple murals, depending on the size.

Franco Fasoli, an artist from Argentina, is creating one mural on the south side of the McDonald Theatre.

He says his vision for the piece was inspired by multiple places around the world and hopes to use this experience for future paintings.

"Personal experience into the festivals, like this one ... so maybe from this festival I have some idea and then I make a collage of that. And then that collage, I make in another festival...and it's a chain that I am doing since almost two years,” said Fasoli.

Fasoli goes by the name of JAZ and is based out of Spain. His mural will be completed by next week.

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