City gives Civic Alliance a week to come up with money for Stadium

EUGENE, Ore. - The Eugene City Council gave the Eugene Civic Alliance a week to show they have enough money to buy Eugene Civic Stadium.

Councilors want the Alliance to buy most of the site so the non-profit group can renovate the historic stadium and wooden grandstand.

Civic supporters will need to prove to the city they have the $4 million.

The city will use $400,000 in park bond and general fund money to complete the deal.

Councilor Chris Pryor and five others voted in favor of the decision.

"I haven't wanted to own this whole piece of property. I didn't want to pay $4.5 million to own this piece of property, whatever was going to be done with it," Pryor said. "So in essence the only way we will actually execute a purchase is if we get 90 percent of that money back."

Councilors George Poling and Mike Clark voted against the proposal.

If Civic supporters don't meet the deadline, the city's commitment to buy the property would end on February 27.

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