City council voting to grant $10,000 for DACA recipients

The Eugene city council will vote today on whether to grant a $10,000 scholarship for DACA recipient renewal fees on September 25th,2017. at  Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in Eugene, Ore. (SBG/Clara Benitez) 

EUGENE, Ore.- The Eugene city council will vote Monday on a proposal to give $10,000 to the Latinx Alliance to help DACA recipients with their DACA renewal fees.

“My dad had to sell the car and we had to figure out transportation just to pay for those fees,” said Hugo Nicolas, a DACA Recipient.

Nicolas knows the importance of getting a DACA renewal.

“There is a lot of people in our community that would be in risk of deportation if they don't renew their deferred action,” said Nicolas.

That is why the human rights commission is asking the City of Eugene to grant $10,000 to the Latinx alliance.

“There are groups that are doing some outside fundraising, to help pay for that $495 fee for those recipients. We felt that 10,000 dollars was a significant amount that could contribute and really make a difference and help their community,” said Edward McGlone, chair of the Eugene Human Rights Commission.

If the city council approves the request, it would help 20 DACA recipients renew their permits at no cost to them, just like Nicolas.

"Thankfully through deferred action, I was able to attend University of Oregon for 3 years. Paid tuition out of my own pocket at the same time I paid for my own bills and currently have a position and a personal and small business banker,” said Nicolas.

There is an estimated 120 DACA recipients here in Lane County who are eligible to renew their DACA permits.

Mayor Lucy Vinis says the City of Eugene will continue to support the immigrant community.

She says now is the time for the council to step up.

“One is talking and one is walking the talk, and I hope the council will support both,” said Mayor Vinis.

“We believe that our DACA recipients are some of the best that Eugene has to offer. They work hard, they get good grades, they deserve to be in our country and its a shame that our government is trying to turn their backs, and we are proud to live in a city that won't do that,” said McGlone.

Regardless of the council vote, McGlone says the human rights commission will continue to fight as long as they can for their DACA recipients.

Quick information-

WHO: Eugene Human Rights Commission

WHAT: Requesting $10,000 from the City Council to donate to The Latinx Alliance for DACA renewal permit fees that cost $495 per application.

WHERE: Lane County Public Service Building 125 East Eighth Ave., Harris Hall

Eugene, OR 97401

WHEN: 7:30 PM

WHY: “We believe that our DACA recipients are some of the best that Eugene has to offer--they work hard -they get good grades they deserve to in our country and it’s a shame that our government is trying to turn their backs--and we are proud to live in a city that won’t do that.” - Edward Mcglone, Chair Eugene Human Rights Commission

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