City and county officials plan to meet Wednesday to discuss new city hall

Artist conception of the new Eugene City Hall from City documents on the project.

EUGENE, Ore. - Lane County commissioners and Eugene City councilors will meet Wednesday to discuss where to put the new City Hall. There will be a time set aside at their meeting for public comments.

The elected officials will try to determine if any land swaps are possible.

“There will be an opportunity for folks to comment toward the end of that meeting, so they'll be able to receive the same update that the elected officials hear, and then let us know their thoughts on that as well,” said Devon Ashbridge, Lane County public information officer.

Officials are still waiting for a legal ruling on the status of the “Butterfly Lot.”

The property could be part of a city and county land swap, but that hinges on whether a new City Hall could be built on the site.

The town's founder, Eugene Skinner, deeded the land for the county's use.

His great, great grandson wants to see his ancestor's wishes respected.

The meeting will start at noon at Harris Hall.

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