Church to cell tower critics: $750K halts deal

EUGENE, Ore. - AT&T wants to plant a 75-foot cell tower disguised as an evergreen tree on the grounds of Crossfire Church in south Eugene.

The church's pastor said the tower near the corner of West Amazon and Fox Hollow Road would bring in $1.5 million over the next 25 years.

"It would relieve our building payments," said Aaron Taylor, Crossfire pastor. "We would pay off South Eugene, the camp out on the McKenzie where we offer scholarships and free camps."

The pastor of the church has offered opponents a deal: He's willing to drop plans for the tower if they pay the church $750,000.

Critics are concerned about the health risks as well as the aesthetic and environmental impacts.

They have submitted an application for an independent review by the city.

"We're confident the independent review will support our view which is that this is not an appropriate location for the tower," said William Collinge.

According to the Eugene City Code, cell phone towers like the one in question are allowed on residentially zoned properties as long as that tower meets certain requirements.

Opponents have also requested that the city reviews that code.

Taylor said the church has the rules and research on their side.

"They will put up a cell tower, that's the truth," he said. "There's three sites that they're looking at. Ours is the one they choose and would be the best."

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