Chain store to cease sale of CDs, others may follow

(SBG photo)

EUGENE, Ore. -- Best Buy announced it's taking compact discs off the shelves this summer and there's speculation other chain stores could soon do the same.

Some say this is the nail in the coffin for CDs.

Others, like music collector Gary Abramowicz, was perusing House of Records looking for used CDs to add to his collection.

House of Records manager Greg Sutherland says there used to be a lot of customers just like him.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case anymore. He says it’s due to two reasons - a rise in digital music over the past two decades and the resurgence of vinyl records.

"That's not something we would have expected," he said.

So why is it records are making a comeback while CDs are left in the dust?

Sutherland says people are drawn to the record for its great sound quality and overall experience.

"It's very tactile; it's big!" he said. “You have to turn it over. There's a side two!"

He also explained that, even though the sound is worse on an mp3, it's the most convenient and cheap option. That leaves CDs somewhere in the middle.

Even so, Sutherland says don't be too quick to dismiss them.

They still make up 20 percent of his sales.

“If you lost twenty percent of your sales you'd be hurting."

There will always be those diehard CD fans like Abramowicz, and they say for that reason, CDs aren't going anywhere.

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