Cell tower disguised as a tree? 'Give it a chance before you freak out'

EUGENE, Ore. - A phone company wants to build a cell phone tower disguised as a pine tree near a popular running path in South Eugene.

AT&T submitted preliminary plans to the City of Eugene for a new 75-foot tower the company wants to build on the Crossfire Ministries church property on West Amazon Drive near Fox Hollow.

The tower would use the "monopine" design, modeled after a pine tree.

The tower would even have branches with needles.

The approval process could take 6 months. The city will hold public hearings on the proposal before issuing a final OK.

People in the neighborhood are already talking about the plan.

"Not excited about it," said Scott Maclean, who lives nearby. "Sounds like a nuisance and an obstruction of my view."

The church pastor hopes neighbors will be patient.

"One, give it a chance before you freak out," Aaron Taylor said. "That's the truth. I think a lot of people are opposed to something because it's different."

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