Career Fair in Coos Count gives students a look at their future

Coquille Indian Tribe hosts third annual college and career fair

COOS COUNTY, Ore. - High school students looking beyond college got some help on Tuesday, when the Coquille Indian Tribe is hosting its annual college and career fair at the Mill Casino.

High school students in Coos County are learning about opportunities for college, trade schools and the military.

Nickolaus Sanborn, a 10th grader, wants to study to be a doctor.

"I feel like being in sophomore year is early enough to be able to learn what my future will be," said Sanborn.

An adviser from Oregon State University is encouraging students to go to events like this to learn what recruiters look for, things like volunteer hours and extracurricular's.

"Academics is one part of the story," said Eddie Rodriguez, an OSU Adviser. "So, being able to also demonstrate that they are well involved, because it'll give us more of an insight into who the student is.”

Hailey Waterman is a junior at Myrtle Point high school, and she is interested in culinary school.

"The Oregon Coast Culinary Institute and apparently the Mill Casino has apprenticeship options and stuff like that," said Waterman. "I'm still mainly interested in culinary school but it's always an option."

Apprenticeships are training programs. They're different from school and some offer students pay, as they learn.

Molly Hockema organized the fair, offering technical, construction and engineering programs all relevant to the coast.

"We want people to come back to the area so things the area needs, I tried to bring that here, and then we've got our community college," said Hockema. "Just any good opportunity for the students in Coos County I wanted them to be able to meet with and just ask a ton of questions."

Organizers said they hope this creates opportunities for the students''s future, as well as our local economy.

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