Cannabis and craft beer? Brewer matches flavors from local grower's top strains

The beers are available Friday at Claim 52 until they run out.

EUGENE, Ore. - Craft beer + cannabis buds = a marijuana mojito?

A special 420 IPA brewed by two Eugene institutions doesn't combine marijuana and beer.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission - which regulates both alcohol and recreational cannabis in the state - says pot isn't allowed in beer.

So brewer Bryce Fisher at Claim 52 worked instead to match the flavors of TJ's top cannabis strains in beer form.

"We love hazy IPAs, so we decided that it would be a natural fit," Fisher said. "We actually were so excited, we made two beers this year."

"We had him come to our warehouse and smell several different strains," said Travis MacKenzie, owner of TJ's Gardens, "and he found something that appealed to him and he formulated a brew off of that."

Fisher said he used the aroma of the cannabis strains to match with similar hops.

Depending on the smell, he added certain fruits to the brews: Durban Poison IPA and Mountain Berry Kush Sour.

"It's called Mountain Berry Kush," Fisher said. "It's a bunch of rasberry, a bunch of blueberry, a bunch of strawberry in it. So it's sour/fruity."

The beers are available Friday at Claim 52 until they run out.

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