Business owners see litter and crime rate grow in west Eugene

Growing trash heaps become an eyesore on Commerce Street

EUGENE, Ore. - A business owner in west Eugene is upset with the trash litters that are piling up on Commerce Street, as well as the crime that comes with it.

The sight of shopping carts and heaps of trash has become all too usual for Robert Valdez of Materiel Fab Auto.

"It's just way inappropriate, and it's not good," said Valdez. "They are not showing good signs of being good neighbors with however they have to live."

Valdez claims to have watched people from motor homes dumping the trash.

"The biggest thing is it's not the homeless, it's the people on the street who are doing wrong," said Valdez.

On top of the eyesore created by all of the trash, Valdez says that an increase has crime has grown present as well. He says his auto business was victimized a year ago when clients cars were broken into and stereos were stolen, costing Valdez $3,000.

Valdez has also witnessed other businesses broken into and gasoline stolen from cars.

Valdez called the city to take care of the trash and tried to get a stronger police presence in the area. Until something is done, however, he plans to keep an eye on the streets during the early morning hours.

Valdez says he will not clean the trash himself because there are needles in the rummage, and the city as told him that he needs to file a complaint online in order to get the litter taken care of.

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