Business of Beer, Part 1: Elk Horn Brewery & Viking Braggot Company

Elk Horn Brewery opened in 2014. It just announced that it's planning to open a second location in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Photo by Ellen Meny.

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EUGENE, Ore.- Beer.

Some people call it liquid bread.

The breweries we spoke with?

They call it business.

We spoke with two young but ambitious breweries in the Eugene and Springfield area. Although they still have many more years to grow and change, they're already looking towards the future.

Elk Horn Brewery
686 E Broadway St.,
Eugene, OR 97401

Elk Horn Brewery is a young business, born in 2014, a baby brewery with big ambition and a score of awards.

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"Once we got rolling, we were just really shocked that we've won so many awards this fast," Elk Horn co-owner Stephen Sheehan said. "I mean, our beer's really good, but to be so young and to win awards is really stellar, we have a really good team of brewers downstairs."

Elk Horn is a jack of all trades, master of ... pretty much all of them. They brew a wide variety of beers, but have a soft spot for sours and ciders.

"And barrel-aging is where our heart is, because we love sours, and we love whisky barrel-aged beers," Sheehan said.

Elk Horn Brewery has tripled in size since they opened, branching out to taps and store shelves.

"We want to be in grocery stores all over Eugene, Albany, Salem, in the next six months," Sheehan said.

But Sheehan isn't shying away from his Southern roots- and it's not just represented in its food. This baby brewery is moving on up. They're planning on opening their second location in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

"We're thinking about moving south somewhere so we can have Elk Horn here, Elk Horn there, and then have a distribution in the center," Sheehan said.

Viking Braggot Company
520 Commercial St, Unit F
Eugene, OR 97402

A lot can change in a few years. Just ask Viking Braggot Brewery.

"It's tough to imagine standing here right now, even where I thought this was going to be three years ago, I mean, starting from just a college paper," Viking Braggot Company co-owner Addison Stern said.

Viking Braggot was a University of Oregon project that became a reality in 2013.

They brew a specific style of beer, called braggot.

"We brew an ancient style called braggot, which is basically born as a blend of beer and mead, mead being fermented honey, beer of course, everybody knows," Stern said. "We're definitely unique. I'd say the main thing that we deal with that most other breweries probably don't have to deal with, would be education."

While Stern brews braggot, he stays humble.

"I didn't really think it really could come to be where it is now. But the potential to where it could go in the future is really what's more amazing to me," Stern said.

It's a bright future for braggot with store shelves on Stern's mind. And just like Elk Horn Brewery, Viking Braggot has plenty of ideas on tap.

"If we could have a secondary location downtown in the Whiteaker or geez, maybe, I don't know, even Portland, somewhere in there," Stern said. "I didn't really think it really could come to be where it is now. But the potential to where it could go in the future is really what's more amazing to me."

Two young breweries with strong dreams, but even stronger beer.

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