Boat racing season starts in Oregon

Boats racing at Dexter Reservoir

A crowd gathers at Lowell State Park on Father's Day as boats rush by at speeds close to 150 mph.

It was the first race of the boating season in Oregon, and the annual race is put on by the Columbia Drag Boat Association. Greg Bergeron has been announcing at the races for almost 40 years, and he says that people come from states across the western US to compete.

"Nevada, Arizona, California, plus all the local boys," Bergeron said. "The local Oregon boys do very well against the big bad boys out of California,"

The association has been around for 50 years and for the last 20 or so, they've held an annual race on father's day at Dexter Lake in Lowell. Something Bergeron said has become a tradition in the community and a chance for father's and kids to enjoy the outdoors together.

"I actually do see a lot of that, last few years especially, when Mom just goes ' go have fun with your son and or daughter,'" Bergeron said. "I really enjoy that I love that sort of participation."

The association is hosting two more races in mid July and September.

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