Blondie the RiverBend horse happy to be back socializing with guests

Blondie on vacation (provided)

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - We have an update on Blondie the RiverBend horse, who we first told you about a month ago.

Caretakers and patients were alarmed to find Blondie not in her regular grazing spot once construction began on the Heartfelt Guest House.

But now, Blondie is back after PeaceHealth and her owner agreed on a contract to allow her to be next to the guest house. People have already started to stop by and feed her both carrots and apples.

Blondie's owner, Julie Beckett, says that the people who fed Blondie weren't the only ones saddened by the move, but that Blondie had a hard time being away from people, and was visibly agitated.

A couple of weeks ago, PeaceHealth called Beckett and said that the fence needed could go up, and she's been on the land since.

"She was a little bit agitated being away from what she liked, and that is everybody over there, so she's much more content now," said Beckett.

The contract between PeaceHealth and Beckett automatically renews every year, as long as it works out for everybody. Beckett says she doesn't see Blondie in the evening anymore because she's out near the hospital socializing with people.

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