Bill would force cyclists to pay to pedal

PORTLAND, Ore. - A proposed bill would create a registration fee for cyclists who bike Oregon highways, a concept some embrace while others call it a slap in the face.

Under House Bill 3008, those 18 and older who ride on any highway in the state would have to pay $54 every two years to register their bike. They would have to attach a sticker to the frame of their bike. READ THE FULL TEXT OF THE BILL

That money would go toward a Bicycle Transportation Improvement Fund, which would pay for bikes lanes and paths as well as future projects.

Those who fail to register would face a $25 fine.

The bill, sponsored by three Republicans from southern Oregon and a Democrat from Happy Valley, has some cyclists upset.

"I'm already paying for the streets and that is sort of a double taxation on bicyclists," said cyclist David Barts.

Cyclist Travis Blue said he believes the bill targets the wrong people.

"Well, we're not the ones taxing the environment and using up resources and taking up space and causing urban congestion so I think that it'd be a lot more fair to put that on to motorists," he said.

David Guettler, the owner of River City Bicycles, said he didn't think the bill was a bad idea.

"I don't know too many cyclists that would not sign up for $50 every two years to increase the level of safety," he said.

But he's worried some who rely solely on their bikes to get around might suffer.

Paul Burns of Salem said cyclists "do a lot of complaining about the condition of the streets and roads so why shouldn't they pay a share of improvements?"

He added that bike registration would help law enforcement return stolen bikes to their rightful owners.


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