Berg's Ski Shop sees winter rush before snow season begins

    Berg's Ski Shop sees winter rush before snow season begins

    EUGENE, Ore. - With Timberline open, and other ski lodges expected to soon follow, skiers and snowboarders are getting ready to hit the slopes.

    "The snow's falling in the mountains, the people are excited, they want to go" said Dale Berg, owner of Berg's Ski Shop. "Timberline opened today; Bachelor will probably open in a week; Hoodoo and Willamette in a week and a half or so."

    That means Berg and his employees are busy waxing boards, sharpening edges, and mounting bindings.

    "They're coming in, 'I need my stuff tomorrow, by tomorrow, by today because I'm going up tomorrow, I'm going Sunday,'" Berg said.

    One of those customers, Rhonda Tuchscherer, is on her way out for a long weekend.

    "We're going up to stay at a cabin south of Bend and we just thought there might be snow," said Tuchscherer. "I'm the only one that doesn't have snow shoes, so I wanted to rent them."

    Adam Bell and his daughter Sofia are also prepping to get ready for the season.

    "We're gonna get her out on skis this year up at Willamette Pass, so we came in and they helped us fit them," said Bell.

    Berg sees a lot of families come in, thanks in part to some updated technology that makes winter sports a little easier. For instance, with the downhill skis, recent technology "made it a lot wider, so it floats in the snow and then you lean and it turns and you go, 'wow I'm really a good skier,'" said Berg.

    The same goes for cross country skis, as well.

    "Because of the metal edges, because of the shape, because of the width of the skis, they really just are simply able to control it so much better," said Berg.

    And Berg also says snowshoeing is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

    "They're not 'flop flop flop,' but they're rocking and rolling as you walk."

    So once everyone's gear is in good shape, it's a waiting game before the rest of the mountains open and they can get to the snow.

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