Away for the holidays? The police can help keep an eye on your home

    Eugene Police Department puts out educational campaigns for Crime Prevention Month

    EUGENE, Ore. — The holiday season is in full swing, and police say it might be the perfect time for burglars to target your home if you're out of town.

    That's why the Eugene Police Crime Prevention Unit is offering a free home vacation check program.

    "It's a program where we'll have our seniors on patrol volunteer come out and do an exterior check of your home while you're on vacation," said Harlow Meno, the EPD Program Manager.

    Meno say vacation checks entail a visual check of your home and outbuildings, also ensuring that vehicles, gates, lighting and general security of the home are intact.

    "Say they've done a check before, but then they find a window that's open or door that's unlocked or something like that," said Meno. "What they would do is they would back out of the location, they will contact our dispatch and have a police officer come out to do a check."

    The service is only available to Eugene residents, for vacations of a minimum of five days up to three months.

    The goal is to check homes two to three times a week.

    "It's something we could not actually do if we didn't have those senior volunteers to do this program for us," said Meno

    One of those volunteers is retired EPD sergeant Greg Zahar.

    He's not only been a volunteer for 11 years, but also has used the program while away on vacation.

    "It's just that little extra piece of mind that somebody is keeping an eye on things," said Zahar. "You can never tell what's going to happen."

    A program that ensures a worry free vacation experience for you and your family.

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