Aumsville tornado: 'We've got a good community'

AUMSVILLE, Ore. - Donations are pouring in for tornado relief in Aumsville, and the bank heading up the relief fund says people are being very generous.

Although many people in town do have insurance, some do not. And even for those who do, the deductible may be too high for them to afford, so any help is appreciated.

"I think it's wonderful," said homeowner Phillip Dunford, who was working with disaster relief workers on Friday to figure out how to get repairs done to his roof. His family does not have the money to fix the damage, so he's grateful for the help. "We've got a good community, you know. It's a great place to live."

Red Cross workers were also out on Friday checking on families to make sure they have food and clothing. So far, they say the people in Aumsville are in good spirits, despite the disaster that unexpectedly hit their town earlier this week. The Red Cross plans to stay through at least Sunday, at which time they will assess whether there is a need for them to stay longer.

The cleanup is moving quickly and some places already look like they did before the tornado hit. For other places that were hit hard, though, it will be a lot longer for the repairs and they may never get back to the way it was. If you would like to help, you can:

  • Make a cash donation at any Riverview Community Bank under the Aumsville Tornado Relief fund.
  • Make a donation online to the Willamette Chapter of the American Red Cross.
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