Apple farmers turn unmarketable produce into craft beverage

Apple farmers turn unmarketable produce into craft beverage

EUGENE, Ore. - Every year, apple farmers take a loss on some of their produce.

Either the apples have a fungal disease like scab, or just aren’t pretty enough to be sold. Instead of letting those ugly, undesirable apples to go waste, there’s been a boom of apples being used to make hard cider.

When Brian Moore and his wife Leah went back to his parent’s farm, Me & Moore, they saw the number of apples that couldn’t be sold. Brian decided to use his degree in Fermentation Science at his family’s apple orchard.

"We're utilizing everything that we can grow and seeing how it goes, so we're really kind of expanding the horizons of the products that we can already grow and what we can do with them," says Moore.

Brian and Leah created their cider business, Evenfall,and say it’s a great way to use unmarketable produce.

They started out making three barrels of cider and have now expanded that to 20 barrels. Brian isn’t the only farmer planting cider orchards, he says three other cider orchard in the area will come into production in the next couple of years.

You can find Evenfall ciders at Me & Moore Farm or at local grocery stores in town. For a list of location you go to their website

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