A3 Reports on Progress

After five months in operation, the Academy of Arts and Academics (A3) in Springfield is making high marks. That's according to officials who gave a mid-year progress report.

The A3 program was designed to give students the opportunity to earn a high school diploma with a curriculum centered around the arts.

Monday, teachers from the academy gave the Springfield School Board a report on their first trimester.

Since opening, the school has used the Wildish theater and the Memorial building as part of it's classroom but five weeks ago, A3 officially moved into their own space on Main street.

But that's not the only achievement, teachers and students are also celebrating academic success.

"Almost 50% of the student body has a 3.0 G.P.A or better which we are pretty proud of and that's pretty exciting considering this is such a brand new thing for them," said Mike Fisher.

The school is made up of 60 freshman and 28 sophomores. The students we spoke to say they're happy to be part of the academy.

"The small classes, everyone fits together and works together and the teachers have more time for each student, it's a great school," said Patrick Curzon.

"You're coming to class, it's fun so you want to pay attention and do your work. I've gotten a lot better grades since last year," said Annie Murray.

The Academy of Arts and Academics plans to add 50 freshman to next school year's student body.

The academy is holding a series of information sessions for students who want to attend. The the first session will take place Wednesday, January 24 at the school located at 615 Main Street in Springfield.
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