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A look at the arrival of 5G, and just how dangerous it could be

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EUGENE, Ore. - We may soon be living with faster and newer technology.

It's the arrival of 5G. But the cellphone technology is getting mixed reviews.

We live with them and we can't live without them it seems. Everywhere we go, people are talking and texting on their cell phone. But with the arrival of 5G, technology, experts say it comes with faster service and higher frequency.

Which leaves some people concerned for their health.

“3G and 4G have not been significantly tested,” said Kathy Ging, a Eugene resident. “And the results of that testing have not been available in this country.”

Eugene resident Kathy Ging says her research on technology and health has grown over the years.

She's against 5G, especially the 5G poles that she says will be placed closer to our schools, homes and workplaces.

Ging says there has not been enough research on 5G, and local ordinances on where to place the poles are being ignored.

“They may start out as 4G and the they'll probably switch to 5G, but this is like ‘Whoa! We don't know anything. We can't find out. What's going on here!?’”

Eugene resident Amber Westbrook say she's just looking forward to newer, faster technology. She says she's always on the phone as a fashion designer.

But Westbrook is no stranger to the danger that may or may not be.

“I heard a lot of mixed reviews about that,” said Westbrook. “Stories from both sides, such as phones being the end of us. Honestly, 5G is so new that there's not enough research that can really prove one way or another.”

She says it's up to you.

‘”If you want to use it, if you find great benefits in it, do it,” she said. “But if there is research that comes out, it could be harmful.”

Across town in Eugene, Patrick Luedtke at Lane County Public Health says there's radio frequency radiation everywhere we go, some places have more than others. In fact, he says we are literally a wash of it in places like our home.

“Plus we now use cell phones, but almost anything creates an electric current, an electric field releases some type of radiation,” said Luedtke. “And we get it from appliances at home and electric tools at work.”

Luedtke says even the sun we walk under carries rays comes with radiation.

But where will 5G be in comparison to the every day things that already give off an electric current?

He says it's unknown.

Just like Ging and Westbrook, he says there have been no studies proving 5G to be safe or unsafe just yet.

Last month, the Eugene City Council requested for the federal government to update studies on potential health risks of 5g radio frequency wireless emissions.

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In that request, they also asked the federal government to publish the findings.

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