911 Call: Greyhound bus driver remains calm after passenger stabs him

Two people were stabbed on a Greyhound bus near Troutdale the night of Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2017, according to Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. KATU photo

TROUTDALE, Ore. – Multnomah County officials released a recording of a Greyhound bus driver’s 911 call after he was stabbed along Interstate 84 near Troutdale on Nov. 30.

In the phone call the driver, Clint Lawson, remains calm while describing where he is and what the suspect looked like.

At the time, he couldn’t tell if he had been stabbed or hit in the neck.

It turns out he was stabbed.

In the transcript of the phone call below, Lawson describes Stephen Danaca’s injuries. He was a passenger stabbed when he tried to help the driver.

Lawson tells the 911 dispatcher that the suspect, later identified as 32-year-old Robert Moran Vasquez, had tried to take the wheel from him and run the bus off the road.

He said the suspect had exited the bus and was walking west along Interstate 84.

Law enforcement agents later located and arrested Vasquez who admitted he was high on methamphetamine at the time of the attack.

Vasquez was arrested on charges of attempted murder and second-degree assault.

Both Lawson and Danaca survived their injuries.

Listen to the 911 call in this video:

Read the full transcription of the 911 call below:

Dispatch: 911

Driver: Hi this is a Greyhound driver. I’m on I-84 East. I’ve just been attacked by a passenger. I need medical for me and I believe another passenger has been stabbed onboard.

Dispatch: OK, Eastbound I-84 at where?

Driver: I’m just outside of Troutdale. I’m not sure what mile marker it is.

Dispatch: OK, have you made it to Corbett yet or is it between Troutdale and Corbett?

Driver: It’s between – I’m just outside of Troutdale. Lik e right outside the Portland limits.

Dispatch: OK, so have you already crossed the Sandy River?

Driver: Uh, no.

Dispatch: OK, and the bus is stopped?

Driver: No, I was driving. The individual tried to take the wheel from me and crash the bus and at the same time he stabbed one passenger and then I’ve got an injury to my neck. I don’t know if I was stabbed or if he tried to hit me and cut me or what. I need medical for a couple people.

Dispatch: OK, where’s the guy that stabbed the passenger?

Driver: He is outside the bus. He wanted to exit the bus. He’s gone. He got out the bus at I-84.

Dispatch: And do you know which direction he left on the freeway?

Driver: Uh, west.

Dispatch: OK, and the person who’s stabbed, they’re on the bus, correct?

Driver: Yes, he’s sitting right here.

Dispatch: And where were they stabbed?

Driver: Where were you stabbed at? The face and the back.

Dispatch: OK, does anybody have any clean, dry cloth or anything that they can fold up and provide direct pressure where he’s bleeding?

Driver: Uh, no. We don’t have anything like that onboard.

Dispatch: OK, how old is he, the guy that was stabbed?

Driver: 35

Dispatch: OK, alright, and the guy that left, was he a white guy, black guy?

Driver: I believe he was Hispanic, heavy-set, beard.

Dispatch: And what was he wearing?

Driver: All black

Dispatch: OK, and did he leave with the knife?

Driver: I believe he did, yes.

Dispatch: Anything else about him?

Driver: He tried to take the bus over, run me off the road. He wanted out of the bus. I let him out of the bus.

Dispatch: Right, I’m just trying to get a good description because they’re going to be looking for him. Is there anything else about him that would be – Did he have a bag or anything that would make him easier to spot when he got off the bus.

Driver: No, not really. He’s just a big guy. He’s got the beard. I don’t know if he’s Hispanic or Hawaiian, but he was darker-skinned.

Dispatch: OK, alright, so you think you’re somewhere between Troutdale and the Corbett exit?

Driver: Yeah, I’m just – I just went through Troutdale.

Dispatch: OK, so you crossed over the Sandy River and then it happened?

Driver: Yes.

Dispatch: OK, and you’re parked on the right shoulder?

Driver: Yes.

Dispatch: OK, and your name sir?

Driver: My name is Clint Lawson, L-A-W-S-O-N.

Dispatch: Alright, we have police and medical help coming for you.

Driver: Thank you

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