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4J to decide fate of old North Eugene High School building

North Eugene High School (File/SBG)
North Eugene High School (File/SBG)
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North Eugene High School students will be moving into a newly constructed campus in the fall, leaving the old building, which is more than half a century old.

The 4J school board is set to discuss the future of the old campus at its next meeting on Wednesday, April 19.

Back on April 13, the district held a meeting for parents to discuss options for the old campus.

The basic question β€” whether or not to tear down the old building.

β€œIt's critical for our school board to hear from the community about what is important to them and what things should be considered and weighed when making these critical decisions," 4J spokesperson Jen McCulley said.

Deferred maintenance on the old building, which is necessary before it could be occupied again, would carry a price tag of over $33 million, according to the District.

On the other hand, the other option on the table is tearing the building down and turning it into athletic field space. According to the District, that would cost just over $12 million.

Many parents wondered what would happen to students of nearby Kelly Middle School and Yujin Gakuen Japanese Immersion School, who currently share space at Kelly. Some parents argued that the old high school could be put to use for those students.

β€œI looked at the numbers, and both Kelly and YG together are basically, like, three-fourths the size of North Eugene High School," said Christiana Dancer, a parent at Wednesday's meeting.

The 4J school board will meet Wednesday to discuss the fate of the old North Eugene High School building, and may make a decision that night.

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