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4J School Board to consider paying stipends for board members

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The Eugene School District 4J is considering a stipend of up to $500 for its members at its regularly scheduled meeting on September 20.

The move comes following a state-level change that allows district to decide for themselves if they would start paying board members.

According to Chair Maya Rabasa, the change would remove barriers for potential board applicants who could not volunteer the amount of time it takes to work on the school board.

“By offering this stipend, we are going to be elevating the pool of folks who will be able to do this work," says Rabasa. "I think that if we look at it as an investment in our school board, it will be a different conversation than if we look at it as a pull away from our resources.”

In the two weeks before the board's decision, Rabasa says they have directed 4J's Director of Finance to see how the cost would impact the general fund, which sits around $270 million.

If the board implements stipends for its members, the cost would be, at a maximum $42,000, or .015% of the budget.

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