'42nd Street' at the Hult this week

'42nd Street' at the Hult Center Novemer 2015 (3).jpg

EUGENE, Ore. - The Tony Award-winning musical "42nd Street" takes the stage at the Hult Center on Tuesday.

The musical tells the story of a small-town dreamer striving to make it big on Broadway.

Performances are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday night at 7:30.

Crews are already setting up the stage for the show, according to Sarah-Kate Sharkey with the City of Eugene.

"We have a great crew, very experienced. they're able to move shows in and out of here pretty quickly," she said. "It's exciting to have the set up going on today. We're really excited that Theater League is bringing this great production through Eugene, and it's getting great reviews so far."

Sharkey said good seats are still available. Tickets are available through the box office and online.

"This production of '42nd Street', this is the longest-running Broadway musical," Sharkey said. "It started as a book and then a movie in the 30s. And then when it went onto Broadway, it won a Tony Award in the 80s, so it's a really really much loved production."

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