Nursing home managing cold virus outbreak

CORVALLIS, Ore. - bout a week ago, Corvallis Manor experienced an increase of symptoms like sore throat, cough and fever in residents at the nursing home.

Of the 67 residents, 21 fell ill, said Karen Sechrest, director of nursing.

Fifteen of them are still under "precautions" - meaning they are being encouraged to stay in their rooms.

"Any visitors, please observe posted restrictions," Sechrest said. "If it says on door that the resident is under precaution, they also have to wear gloves, gown and mask."

Sechrest said this hasn't happened before at Corvallis Manor. The norovirus was here last year "but left a lot sooner than this virus."

She said nursing home residents "are more readily subject to worsening of systems than the younger healthier body."

There have been no new cases since Sunday, but visitors are encouraged to wait until next week to visit residents.

Corvallis Manor sent cultures to Benton County Public Health to help track the virus.

Charlie Fautin with Benton County said the outbreak at Corvallis Manor is unusual because the flu season is over in Oregon.

He also said it is hard to know if person has cold virus because their symptoms are similar to allergy symptoms, and allergy season has just begun.

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