'Three-way dollar tie! How about that?!': Watch a 'Price is Right' first

EUGENE, Ore. (KVAL) - When you spin the big wheel on "The Price is Right," the goal of the game is:

Come as close to $1 as possible, without going over - but still besting your opponents.

Contestant 1 spun a 35. A 65 on the second spin put her at a dollar.

Jubilation ensued.

Contestant 2 spun a 50.

And another 50.

The crowd and contestants went wild.

"Let's have a three-way tie on the dollar," host Drew Carey said.

Contestant 3 spun a 30.

Then she spun again.

"Looking for a three-way tie on the dollar," Carey said. "This just might happen."

The wheel came to rest on 70.

"Three-way tie! Three-way tie!" Carey said as the contestants celebrated. "Three-way dollar tie! How about that?!"

What now?

"You each get $1,000," Carey explained, "and you each get one bonus spin of the wheel. No matter what happens, the highest number goes on to the showcase."

On the bonus spin ...

Contestant 1 spun a 70.

Contestant 2 spun an 80.

Contestant 3 spun a 55.

And the world watched an amazing moment from "The Price is Right" go viral.

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