'The show sucks': Feminist bookstore sours on 'Portlandia' comedy

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen (File photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Portland feminist bookstore is cutting ties with the TV comedy "Portlandia," which used its space to film sketches parodying a feminist bookstore.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that actors Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen wore long-haired wigs and frumpy clothing as the humorless, aggressively conscientious co-owners of the Women and Women First bookstore in IFC's "Portlandia."

The Portland store, In Other Words, initially enjoyed the publicity. But its front door now features a sign listing several grievances with the show, including transmisogyny, racism, gentrification, queer antagonism and devaluation of feminist discourse.

In a statement posted Wednesday on its website, In Other Words says its staff were mistreated, and its store was left a mess after the show filmed an episode.

“It was also a direct response to a show which is in every way diametrically opposed to our politics and the vision of society we’re organizing to realize,” the store said.

It also blamed the show for helping to cause gentrification in Portland.

The store says it is doesn’t make any money allowing the show to use its business and at any rate “the show sucks.”

The 23-year-old nonprofit has faced financial struggles and is currently running a fundraising campaign to help stay afloat.

In Other Words did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday. An IFC spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.

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