Springfield singer to appear on 'American Idol' Thursday

Matthew Edewaard of Springfield will appear on "American Idol" on FOX January 7, 2015. He could not disclose what happened on the show.

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Matthew Edewaard has been making music since he was 15.

"I mean there's breathing and then there's music, then there's eating, sleeping, music," he said.

A couple months ago, he received an email inviting him to privately audition for the producers of "American Idol".

He hopped on a plane to San Francisco with his parents and girlfriend.

"When you're in this postition, there's no way you can't seize a moment like that because that's quite the opportunity," Edewaard said.

He said the experience involved a lot of filming - and a lot of waiting.

But he got that golden ticket to sing in front of the celebrity panel.

"It's daunting and first," he said. "If someone says it's not, then they're lying. You know I've played in front of lots of people, but to play in front of those three, it's a little intimitdating because they're in the industry."

"I'm just really proud of him," his mother Michelle said. "You know, if we have to head down to San Francisco, then we'll head to San Francisco. We're going to do it, anything for him just to get through and do what he wants to do."

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