Eugene home to America's best country DJs

EUGENE, Ore. -- You hear country music mecca and you don't usually think Eugene.

Believe it or not, we are home to the Academy of Country Music's "Best On-Air Personality of the Year."

New Country 93.3's Barrett, Fox and Berry have been luring in listeners with their playful on-air antics for 16 years.

"We just like to entertain," said Bill Barrett. "Dumb for dough, we like to call it, for four hours a day."

This year, they beat out hundreds of hosts from across the country to win "On-Air Personality of the Year."

"Super excited because it's been four nominations over a period of years," said Tim Fox. "We sort of had written it off. We didn't think there was any chance. Then all of a sudden, hey, the phone call comes in. You are a winner. We cried like little girls. We really did."

"I think the three of us are thrilled," said Tracy Berry. "It's a great community to do radio and I think the show is so good because we have such great listeners."

Barrett didn't hesitate when we asked him who his favorite artist is.

"George Strait," said Barrett. "George Strait is number one. George Strait has always been number one and will be number one."

Watch out George, Fox remembers the last time Barrett spotted you across a room.

"And Bill said, 'it's George Strait' and George turned to walk away to the other side of the room," Fox said. "Bill ran after him, 'George'!"

Barrett, Fox and Berry credit the company they work for, McKenzie River Broadcasting, for making the show what it is.

"Just a great local owner," said Barrett.

They hope to continue making you laugh and sing along for years to come.

"I've been doing radio for 42 years," said Barrett. "And I love it. I never get tired of it."

Barrett said they should be pretty easy to spot during the show. His seat is right behind Carrie Underwood.

Catch the Academy of Country Music Awards Sunday on KVAL starting at 8 p.m.

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