Eugene Ballet takes flight for 'Peter Pan'

EUGENE, ORe. - The Eugene Ballet Company is preparing for a trip to Neverland - and with the help of internationally recognized Flying By Foy, they plan to fly there.

Flying By Foy is know for making the magic of flight a reality. Their equipment has been used at award shows, on movie sets, in concert tours, and on Broadway.

Choreographer Bruce Steivel says everyone knows Peter Pan flies, thus adding that element to the performance is a must.

The magically mischievious story of Peter Pan is soaring onto the Hult Center stage October 5 and 6. Peter, along with the lost boys, Captain Hook, Wendy and Tinkerbell take the stage with epic fights, larger-than-life sets, glittering costumes and dazzling lights.

Adding the magic of flight, takes audience members off the edge of their seats and brings them to Neverland. It literally elevates the show to an entirely new level.

Steivel said it's a lot of hard work to put a production on. Each one of the fliers on stage takes 4 men to lift into the air and control.

"There's always a lot going on behind the scenes that the audience doesn't see, which is good," Steivel said. "They're not supposed to see it. It's magic."

Yoshie Oshima, who plays Wendy, said she feels like a bird while in the air. "It's just an amazing feeling and a magical feeling," she said.

Steivel choreographed the show and helped compose the music and design the sets. He said it's a good feeling to sit in the crowd and watch his vision come to life on stage.

Tickets are still available online.

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