After you drop off your ballot, what happens? BallotTrax can help

Ballots are due to an official drop box by 8 p.m. on Electin Day. (SBG)

EUGENE, Ore. - Voters in Oregon can now track their ballots.

There's an electronic system called BallotTrax. Twelve of Oregon's 36 counties are using the system, including Lane, Linn, Douglas and Benton counties. Coos County is not signed up for the system.

Voters can sign up to get an email, text message or call on the status of their ballot.

"I think it's an assurance for sure," said Cheryl Betschart, the Lane County Clerk. "Because when you drop your ballot either in the drop box or in the mail, once we receive it, we record it as being received. Once we check the signature and we accept it and move on to be tabulated at a later date, you can receive those alerts."

The system will issue 4 alerts to registered users:

  1. When the ballot is received
  2. When the ballot is accepted for counting
  3. Last day to mail
  4. If you haven't turned in your ballot on Election Day.

"It's just another way to engage voters in the process," Betschart said. "Letting you know that your ballot's been received, letting you know it's excepted for accounting, if there's any kind of further review that's needed. You get an alert to be contacted."

All you need to sign up for alerts is your first name, last name, date of birth and ZIP code.

"Each step of the way will be in accurate process and reflection of where your ballot is in the process," Betschart said. "Just those prompts along the process to let you know that this is what's happening, and you know in your busy day we hope that this is another way to engage those voters."

If you want to check to see if your county is using BallotTrax, visit

Ballots are due to an official drop box by 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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